Sorrow in the Storm

Her dark skin contrasts with her deep red eyes that never seemed to stop moving.


Uncertainty accompanies her like an unwanted shadow as she continues to chase the ghosts of her past. The miles faded beneath her feet and the only constant seemed to be the chaos that matched her stride for stride.

She leaned against the wall to catch her breath, the footsteps careened through the alley behind her. She was not welcome here. She was Demonspawn. She was other. She should have known better than to stop. There are no breaks for the damned, her tail coiled around her feet as the mob approached.

How many miles has she run? How many mobs have beaten her and left outside of towns and villages. She lost count. She cursed her legs as they refused to carry her further down the alley and away from the pursuit.

The familiar panic that sat in the pit of her stomach, reminding her that she was still wanted to continue this miserable existence, was gone. Her feet, fully immersed in the mutiny now turned her to face the mob as their voices grew in number and pitch. They would be here soon.

“Move Damnit” she implored her legs.

This time, instead of fear, something else was coursing through her mind, through her blood. Something powerful, something dangerous. Something she couldn’t control.

The rain came suddenly as if the skies were angry. Thunder rolled and boomed in the distance, flashes of light illuminated the scene as if it was it was some macabre tableau.

An old woman watched from a second story window and whispered "I warned them to leave her alone. I told them to stay away from her. She dangerous, she’s wild.

A flash of light caught the jagged blade of a spear flying at her from behind. It was on her before she knew it. The blade crashing through her organs and breaking ribs before pushing it’s way out the front of her body.

The darkness came quickly. She almost relished it, embraced it. The voices of the mob began to fade as the world around her became like shapes and shadows.

They thought that was it. They thought they rid the world of another Demonspawn. Their own ignorance would be their executioner. How could they know that in the midst of the demon lineage that coursed through her blood, so did something else. Magic. Wild Magic.

They gathered close to watch the throes of death take another victim, although the young men in the group, perhaps not as seasoned to the harsh realities of life in the Fae hung back a little further, not that it would help.

Instead of turning cold and lifeless her body began to glow with a soft red light at first barely visible through her thick robes. Then its luminance became unbearable forcing the group to shield their eyes.

Needless to say they did not see what happened next.

The sound of wood on cobblestone could be heard above the rain. Someone taking deep breathes as if they just broke through the surface after being submerged in the Dragonmere.


Then soft words, barely whispered began. Her fingers danced in front of her, her hands reaching out to the weave as if it was an old friend. A trained eye could tell what was happening. Magic.

The mob however, where not trained, and their naiveté would spare them not. They would find no quarter here.

Her lips moved in unfamiliar ways, strange words were whispered as if by someone else entirely.

Then red threads begin to appear, moving from each member of the mob and snaking their way back to her.The threads grew brighter. Gasps and sharp inhales filled the alley. In a moment 12 dull thuds could be heard as new life coursed through her blood. They had killed her, and paid for their transgression in kind.

As she collapsed to her knees, wondering what she had just done. Could she always touch the fade?

The woman in the second story window answered her questions as if she asked them aloud.

“Perhaps. Perhaps not. The only thing that matters is that you can now.” she exclaimed softly .To the Tiefling she implored “Now fly before the guards come” and to the lifeless bodies of 12 men she reminded them

“I told you. I warned you there would be sorrow in the storm”

Sorrow in the Storm

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