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The year is 1489 DR.  Your adventure begins on the third day of Marpenthal, or Leafall as most people call it, in the town of Greenest, in the region of the western heartlands on the continent known as Faerun. You have a general knowledge of the history of Faerun and the geography of the western portion of the continent.


This page will have pertinent information on the locations you have been. Click on the title Locations above to go to the page.

The Harptos Calendar

A Year in the land of Faerun consists of 365 days which are divided into 12 months of 30 days and certain festival days added in between to mark the change of seasons. This is known as the Harptos Calendar. Click on the title above to go to the page.


The Faerunian day is 24 hours long, broken up by the rising and setting sun. Most people break up the day into large slices – dawn, morning, highsun (noon), afternoon, dusk, sunset, evening, midnight, moondark (night's heart), and night's end. These are, out of necessity, not exact as there is often confusion for travelers in foreign lands.

In most cities and larger towns, temple bells toll to mark the hours, and each hour is a "bell" – counting from the hour after midnight or noon and numbering 1-12. Noon and midnight are both referred to as "12 bells." Typically after midnight, tolling bells cease until dawn in respect of those wanting to sleep.


Main Page

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