Tyranny of Dragons


Episode 2 part 1

Session 4 – March 20, 2017

4th day of Leaffall - morning to dusk


The party set out to track down the army of raiders by following their tracks to the southwest. As they journeyed on, they took some time to get aquainted and discovered they had some similar experiences and common goals linked to the blue dragon, the raiders and Leosin. 

After roughly three hours of travel they snuck up on a patrol of raiders that had stopped for lunch. They expediently disposed of the kobolds and cultists but managed to capture one human and interrogated him to reveal the location of the camp and the rearguard. They also found out that the army of raiders is lead by Rezmir and Frulam and they are collecting treasure as a hoard to honor Tiamat, the Dragon Queen. 

After a short rest and much discussion they decided to scout out the camp first so they sent Boddynock ahead to assess the situation. Once he returned with his report, more discussion ensued, and they decided that Cephas and Orlando would disguise themselves as two of the cultists they had just killed and would infiltrate the camp. Boddynock prepared convincing disguises for both of them and they set out for the camp, while the rest of the party found a safe location to observe from the plateau above the camp.

Cephas and Orlando successfully entered the camp and passed the guards without suspicion. As they proceeded toward the far end of the camp they noticed a large heavily guarded tent, six covered wagons and the mouth of a cave. Upon investigating one of the wagons the noticed they were filled with crates bearing a brand of a Dragon head with five vertical lines.

Their investigation also aroused the suspicion of one the guards who began to question their actions. After successfully lead the guard out of sight, Cephas and Orlando silenced him permanently.  A few moments later the other guard called out to his companion. Cephas quickly responded to lour the guard to them.  As the guard investigated the situation, he was met with two attempts to strike him down but without success. The guard immediately ran away to sound the alarm, which brought out two more guards with guard drakes, two half-dragons and a mage.

Cephas and Orlando immediately tried to high jack a wagon but it would not move and they were unable to flee. Now with guards quickly swarming in to surround them, Cephas and Orlando threatened to burn the wagons. Their threats fell short as Orlando tried to cast a spell but was thwarted by the cunning mage and they realized they were out numbered, out powered and surrounded with little chance of escape. As a final attempt to avoid capture, Orlando tried to persuade them that he was impressed with their power and magic and desired to learn their ways. Though he was convincingly sincere, the half-dragons were not easily fool and consequently Cephas and Orlando were bound and taken captive. 



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