Tyranny of Dragons

Champion Challenge

Episode 1 part 3

Session 3 – March 13, 2017

3rd day of Leaffall - evening


After securing the sally port from the insurgence of raiders, the imposing threat of the large Blue Dragon became imminent as it attacked the Keep. After a successful shot with a ballista bolt and a few eldritch blasts  the party managed to drive away the aloof dragon, but only after the dragon had killed a dozen soldiers, including Flinch Crabtree. 

Following the attack three hostages were brought out in front of the Keep and a blue half-dragon appeared and shouted, "Send out your greatest champion!" The half-dragon challenged the village champion to battle for the lives of the hostages. Cephas promptly answered the call and went out to challenge the aggressor. As the battle drew to a close with both fighters nearly dead, the half-dragon conceded and released the prisoners. The army of raiders immediately withdrew and left the town of Greenest. With the impending treat now gone, the band of heroes took well deserved rest for the night.

In the morning, villagers slowly began going back to their homes to assess the damage done during the attack. After discovering that Leosin had gone missing during the night, Governor Nighthill once again enlisted the help of the party to seek out the raider's camp and rescue Leosin and the other missing villagers. 



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