Tyranny of Dragons

Helm's Bluff con't

Episode 4 part 3

Session 12 – June 05, 2017

9th Day of Leafall, morning


After exterminating the Giant Spider threat, the party explored the crypt and discovered a secret door. The door revealed a long stairway leading down 60' to a chamber with Dwarven letters on the floor. The party successfully navigated the puzzle floor and opened the door at the other end of the chamber which lead to a magically darkened cavern. Sorrow took the lead with her staff and felt her way along the hidden floor to the door at the other end of the cavern while the others followed. After a few attempts to find a way to open the door Orlando finally found the gold nugget and they proceeded through a 10' x 10' passage to another crypt. Upon entering the crypt, they activated 4 skeletons and quickly dispatched three of them before Orlando activated a mummy from the central sarcophagus. It was not long before Sorrow once again disintegrated the foe a blaze of fire. 

Boddynock then successfully unlocked and disarmed two chests discovering a few potions, a pair of bracers and a bag of tricks. With everyone at the ready with ranged attacks they moved further into the crypt and activated 4 more skeletons. Orlando used his mage hand to experimented with the bag of tricks.  He pulled out the fuzzy ball and threw it at the far wall and summoned an ape which in turn activated a mimic disguised as a chest.  With most of the skeletons now dismantled and the mimic engaged with the ape, the rest of the party launched ranged attacks while Orlando moved in for the final blow on the mimic. 

With the mimic now dissolved, Orlando noticed a false wall behind the mimic's location. After the ape cleared out the false wall they discovered a norrow passage to a small chamber, which only big enough for Boddynock to fit through. Once Boddynock when through the passage he discovered a statue holding a bowl in one hand and a pendant in the other. He also noticed an inscription at the base of the statue with four elemental symbols around it. After solving the riddle, he pour water into the bowl and the statue released the amulet. 




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