Tyranny of Dragons

On the Road to Elturel con't

Episode 4 part 4

Session 13 - June 19, 2017

The 9th Day of Leafall, morning to 10th day of Leafall evening


After taking a short rest in the crypts of Helm's Bluff, the chamber began to fill with water.  The party had to make an expedited escape and eventually surfaced from the crypt soaking wet.  The band of adventurers quickly saddled up and made way for Sharpstone Outpost. They arrived at the fortified outpost near sundown and after a brief exchange with Sgt. Tulvrin Landrik they were allowed entry.  

After stabling their horses they went immediately to the Sharpstone Pub and began tying one on. Several quick drinks were had and before long Orlando began a pompous display of self aggrandizement to which not a single patron paid any attention. He then approached the bartender to inquire about getting a "massage" to which he sternly replied "NO!". Orlando did however manage to catch the eye of a middle-aged not so fetching, curvaceous patron looking to have some fun. He convinced his new found friend, Medella to sing him a song and she did so with expertise and with much "ego strokage." That was all Orlando needed to then invite Medella up to his room were they enjoyed each others company for five minutes.

Meanwhile the rest of the group awaited the arrival of Sgt. Landrik and when he finally arrived they shared a pint. Orlando and Cephas discussed their dealings with the Cult of the Dragon and their mission to thwart the cult's plans with the Sgt. Landrik. He suggested the party consult with Captain Dosk in the morning. Soon Boddynock, Cephas and Sorrow retired and Rolen scouted the bar for a willing lass who could provide "services" for one of his unsuspecting friends.  Rolen managed to convince one young filly to do just that and he brought her up to Boddynock's room. After 3 attempts she finally managed to wake Boddynock and proceeded with her services to the delight of the young Gnome adventurer.

The next morning after breakfast the group set out first to meet with Medella the seamstress. Orlando placed an order for a flamboyant cloak and five matching heads for him and his friends. Their next stop was at the Bronze Helm an equipment shop owned by Torbek Bronzebottom a friendly but daft male Dwarf who unwittingly became the butt of many jokes from the misfit band of travelers. After awhile Torbek grew impatient and expelled the party so they went to meet with Capt. Dosk.

Although Orlando and Cephas were thoroughly convincing, the Captain followed protocol and directed the party speak to the High Observer, Thavus Kreeg a priest of Torm and a superior in rank and influence. On their way out of Sharpstone they stopped briefly at the temple of Torm and Leif Pennington an old human cleric blessed them with the courage of Torm.  After a full days travel they stopped to rest for the night…



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