Tyranny of Dragons

Ah! Elturel

Episode 4 part 6

Session 15 - July 10th, 2017

13th day of Leafall


The party awoke and were greeted by Leosin for breakfast. During breakfast Leosin invited the party to join the competition that afternoon to show their skills and prowess, to demonstrate their abilities and talents. Afterward they were invited to participate in the main event of the evening, "The Hell Hound Championship" a free for all fight to the end where only one remains. 8 combatants entered the arena but after only 3 had fallen, Rolen boldly approached the High Observer to put an end to the games in light of the urgency of the impending threat by the Cult of the Dragon. Rolen was able to persuade the High Observer sufficiently enough to end the fight and continue the conversation later that night.

Onthar Frume, Leosin and The High Observer summoned the party for a private meeting later that evening. Onthar summarized what information has been attained and what they know of the Cult of the Dragon's plans. It was then suggested that the party go to Baldur's Gate to follow the hoard of treasure the Cult was transporting from the camp in the Greenfields to Baldur's Gate and see where it ends up. Presumably the treasure will end up at the location where the Cult will be performing their ritual to raise Tiamat. Once that location is known a mass offensive can be coordinated with the factions of the Sword Coast. While the party is following the hoard, Leosin and Onthar will set out to meet with the leaders of the other factions of the Sword Coast to rally them to the cause.



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