Tyranny of Dragons

On to Baldur's Gate

Episode 4 part 7

Session 16 - July 31, 2017

Leaffall 14th day to 18th day 


Leosin joined the adventures for breakfast again this morning and suggested they make their way to the docks as soon as possible. Before they left they decided to visit a few shops and the Shrine of Bahamut as well. At the shrine Cephas used his ring to open a hidden compartment revealing a piece of parchment, much like the one found Helm's Bluff. Upon studying the inscription they deduced that they were to look for a tower in an under ground cavern beneath the city of Baldur's Gate.

After 3 days sailing on the River Chionthar, the arrived at the docks of Baldur's Gate in the early evening. They procured some fish and chips from a greasy hut on the docks and then sought lodging at the Blade and Stars, where settled down for the night, as a storm brewed outside.

The next morning they went to visit Ozgood's Oddities & Eccentricities in Heapside to have a few items identified and Sorrow was able to purchase a Hat of Disguise. They also discovered that access to the under ground cavern was probably through the Undercellar. So, they set out to find access to the Undercellar in the Wide.



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