Tyranny of Dragons

Strangers On the Road to Elturel

Episode 4 part 5

Session 14 - July 03, 2017

10th of Leafall, night to 12th of Leafall, night


Just after the party went to sleep, as the second watch began, Orlando was attacked by a colony of Stirges. He immediately called out to his friends for help and they rose quickly to heed the call. With speed and precision, Sorrow took out half the invaders with her magic missiles and the rest where crushed by the others in about 12 seconds. Two of the party's horses had been badly hurt from the Stirges' blood drain but Cephas healed them… mostly, and the party resumed their slumber.

The next morning as they continued on the Arrow's Path north to Brawnhylst Cove, they came across a stranger. Kane was an Earth Genasi guard from Eastkeep who had been attacked by the Cult of the Dragon five days earlier. His village was nearly destroyed but he managed to escape and he has been on the road ever since plotting his revenge. Cephas and Rolen extended the party's generosity and gave Kane some food and drink and allowed him to join them on their way to Elturel.

They arrived in Brawnhylst Cove, a fishing village on the south bank of the Chionthar River, around supper time and they made their way to the Sunken Barge, the local Tavern. Once they entered the tavern they were met with stares of suspicion and uncertainty as patrons were surprised with their appearance of this ragtag group of travelers. Rolen decided to impress the patrons with a display of dancing lights and then Orlando played off his cue to announce that they were part of a traveling circus that would put on a show at midnight. Sadly most of the patrons seemed uninterested and returned to their meals. 

Not long after the group had gotten their drinks, a company of Hellriders entered lead by Lord Drevahl. Cephas and Rolen struck up a conversation with Lord Drevahl and alerted him to the impending threat of the Cult of the Dragon. He took note and suggested they speak with the High Observer Thavus Kreeg in Elturel. The party then asked if they may join the Hellriders as they ride back to Elturel in the morning . Lord Drevahl agreed and after everyone had a bath (seperately), they turned in for the night.

The party joined the Hellriders early the next morning and they rode fast to Elturel to arrive around 8pm. After stabling their horses outside the city, they made their way to the Tavern called A Pair of Black Antlers to meet up with Leosin. Upon entering many of the patrons seemed ready to draw their swords as they noticed Rolen but fortunately the bartender, Grimshaw Rakstavden, subdued their intent with a quick word. The party then requested to speak with Leosin and shortly after he greeted them with a warm welcome and everyone else was set at ease. The party discussed their findings at the cave and the intent of the Cult of the Dragon and Leosin was very pleased with the amount of information the party had discovered. He immediately paid them as promised and began to celebrate with drinks and food and dancing.

Around midnight Leosin suggested the party seek accommodations at the Owlbear Inn, which they did and then promptly turned in for the night after a quick night cap.



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