Location: The Greenfields in the Western Heartlands of Faerun 
Population: 1200
Commerce: husbandry, hospitality, mounts and draught animals
Resources: various produce, herbs, spices, hay, livestock, and feed.

Greenest is the only sizable town for a hundred miles in all directions, which makes Greenest an economical hub for many farmers and trades folk in all the Greenfields. The main road in Greenest is also the Uldoon trail which passes through town from east to west. 

The Town Center holds an open market every Thirdday, where farmers, merchants, and craftsmen from surrounding areas come to sell their goods. At the center of the town square stands a large fountain built on top of a natural cool spring, where most people draw their water. The fountain is also a monument dedicated to the town founder Dharva Scatterheart, a rogue who fancied herself the queen of the Greenfields. Unfortunately, she passed away without ever achieving that level of eminence, but her town grew into a thriving community. Encircling the fountain are several buildings: the magistrate’s office, general store, an artificer, a tailor, a cobbler, a herbalist, and The Scatterheart Tavern.

Places of note:

The Copper Kettle Saloon – owner: Norwyn Fensdale (male human)

The Countryside Inn – owner: Darion Fulbright (male half-elf)

The Scatterheart Tavern – owner: Fargrin Strongbeard (male dwarf)

Stonesthrow Keep – Castellan Escobert the Red (male dwarf – master of the keep); Governor Nighthill (male human)

Temple of Chauntea - Aroxian Falconmoon (male elf cleric)


Population: 96

This humble hamlet is 25 miles north of Greenest just west of the Arrow’s Path. The Broken Plough is the only establishment of significance as it serves as a one stop shop for food, drink, lodging and supplies of poor means, operated by Geldum Darkshoot. News of the attack on Greenest has reached Asharr but they have not been attacked.


Population: 243

A small simple village 55 miles north of Greenest on the Arrow’s Path. Most villagers are cattlers raising cows, sheep, oxen, mules, and horses. Sheriff Virgil Lambgrin (human male) upholds the law and settles disputes with his deputy Emnos Flagwright (human male). The Lambgrin’s are the founders of this village and have lived here for generations. They also own the general store, Lambgrin’s Goods, run by Bethahny Lambgrin, the wife of the sheriff.  The Branding Iron, owned by Danrel Hanmore (human female) is a popular tavern with lodging of modest means.

Helm’s Bluff

The temple of Helm sat on the edge of a 20 foot ridge which gave it a strategic advantage for defending against attacks from raiders of the forest. During the Spellplague in 1385 DR, Helm was killed by Tyr and so without Helm’s protection Helm’s Bluff was eventually overrun by a band of Gnolls. The former temple of Helm now lies in ruin within this abandoned town 20 miles from the eastern edge of the Wood of Sharp Teeth, 95 miles north of Greenest and about a quarter mile from the west side of the Arrow’s Path.

Sharpstone Outpost

Population: 50 soldiers, 161 villagers

An Elturgard outpost 130 miles north of Greenest established many years ago to keep watch for any intruders emerging from the Wood of Sharp Teeth. Sharpstone is fortified by wooden walls and towers on four corners. Although Sharpstone is an outpost, it is home to many villagers and has served the local farmers as an economic hub and community. The commander of Sharpstone is Captain Willem Dosk, human male paladin of Torm, stern but friendly, willing to help a fellow paladin and all those in need. Sgt. Tulvrin Landrik a human male veteran is often at the gate keeping watch and assessing travelers who seek entry. He suspicious of everyone, especially since the attacks on the villages in the area, but will allow entry to those who seek protection for the night on their way to Elturel or other locations in Elturgard.

The Sharpstone Pub is a simple tavern of modest fair owned by Beshum Crestbow  friendly human in his 40s and his young wife Yolandee (human female), a kind woman in her late 20s and very wise for her age. The Pub is often busy with jovial clients and a talented local bard named Daneon, providing entertainment. Madella is a middle aged female seamstress who likes to get around, and hooked up with Orlando.

 The Bronze Helm is an Outfitters shop run by a friendly dwarf named Torbek Bronzebottom. He has a good supply of standard equipment, weapons and armour but no magic items or potions.

 Leif Pennington is an old human cleric and the high priest of the Temple of Torm. 

Brawnhylst Cove

Population: 400

A large fishing village 40 miles north of Sharpstone Outpost on the south bank of the Chionthar River, 40 miles east of Elturel.

The Sunken Barge is a popular Tavern and Inn of comfortable means operated by Clarimonda (human female), a stern woman in her 40s very matter of fact. She can be very friendly if charmed with flattery. She has heard stories of attacks on villages to the southeast.

[[Elturel (map)]]

Population: 17,000

Located 120 miles west of Scornubel, Elturel stands overlooking the River Chionthar on the north bank, constantly illuminated by the Companion – the second sun that sits directly above Elturel burns night and day. This constant daylight lessens the farther one travels from Elturel, casting a dawn-like light for fifty or so miles around the city. Beyond that, the orb is visible as a bright beacon in the sky. It can be seen clearly at night from as far away as Boareskyr Bridge and Berdusk, looking like a static star low on the horizon. 

The heraldry of Elturgard – the sun and a smaller companion sun surrounded in a blaze – is a familiar symbol to many of us along the roads that lead to and through Elturgard, for it also blazons the armor and flags of its two groups of guardians, the Hellriders and the Companions.

The Hellriders

Cavalry that patrols the roads that lead into Elturgard, as well as the paths along the river, lead by the High Rider, Lord Drevahl, every 4 hours day and night. The Hellriders are 3000 strong with over half out on patrol at any given time in companies of 25-30 riders.

The Companions

500 Paladins who protect the city and enforce the law lead by the High Observer, Thavus Kreeg, priest of Torm.

The High Hall & Surrounding Districts

In the city's center, directly beneath the Companion, is a cliff-sided castle that holds aloft the High Hall. This castle, whose walls surround the summit of the mount, is home to the High Observer, Thavus Kreeg, and to a great deal of the bureaucracy of Elturgard. Thavus Kreeg also presides over the Temple of Torm which is found within the castle.

Along the slopes of the Castle are the tall, narrow, many-balconied homes of the nobles known as the High District and often referred to as the “Heights”. A long, wooded park runs along the ridgetop of the Heights, watered by a spring that rises in the cellars of High Hall and runs down the Winter Garden. The Winter’s Spring forks from High Hall flanking the great stairs leading up to the Castle and flows along either side of the Winter Garden then cascades off the northern edge in a spectacular series of falls known as Maiden’s’ Leap.

Below the High District to the south, are the flat-lands of the city known as the Dock District. To the east of the Heights, warehouses and hovels crowd together around the docks and the crammed stalls of Shiarra’s Market. The more prosperous and orderly homes and shops west of the Heights, formerly part of the Dock District, are commonly referred to as Westerly, a separation used to imply cleanliness and prosperous success. North of the city walls are many farms and stables, which provide mounts for the Hellriders and food for the city.

A traveler can wander about anywhere in Elturel in perfect safety. The chief danger is from pickpockets, not knife-wielding thugs and no thieves’ guild is tolerated in this city.


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